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As the club and use of the facilities grow so do the costs and need for volunteers.

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Leeton District Dressage Club (LDDC) was formed in 2017 with the aim to make life better for individuals and the community by encouraging, supporting and inspiring participation in the sport of Dressage. LDDC currently hosts four events each year providing a venue for regional Australians to participate in an inclusive, intergenerational and alternative sport, which contributes both to the Individual’s health and well-being and the enrichment of the local community.

The club arenas are situated inside the race track at the Leeton Jockey Club, Racecourse Road Leeton. There were initially two dressage arenas, which have grown to four arenas in full use, thanks to lot of local support. Eighty eight entries were received at our most recent event held on Sunday June 18 2023, with participants travelling from a wide area including several different places in Victoria including Invergordon, Wagga Wagga, West Wyalong, Young, Parkes, Albury, Harden, Cootamundra, Griffith and Narrandera, which also included two Para Equestrian competitors.

LDDC would like to send a huge thank you to our current major sponsors without whom this would not be possible and these include Milbrae Concrete, Quarries and Mining, Leeton Shire Council, Leeton Soldiers Club, Graincorp, Trevor Dodds Engineering, Wallace Ag Spraying, HB Earthworks, Lillypilly Wines, Worklocker and many local supporting small businesses.

Often people feel left out of the mainstream sporting world for many varied reasons, possibly due to physical, mental, age related, lifestyle or heritage differences. Dressage is a sport where these restrictions do not apply as people with challenges, people of school age and above, and people of all cultures and abilities are welcomed and can compete all the way to the Olympic Games.

Pictured is Travis Newman – one of two local young persons with challenges from Leeton, who regularly competes at the Leeton District Dressage Club. For more information about Travis google Aspiring Paralympian – Travis Newman. Below are his Mothers words.

“My son Travis is a cancer survivor, he was diagnosed with bone cancer (Ewing’s Sarcoma) in 2017. Unfortunately, even though he survived the cancer he was left with a permanent disablement in his left leg. He also suffers from anxiety, depression and PTSD. Travis cannot play a lot of sport but he can ride and he loves to ride.

Riding his horse Penny has helped with his depression. Travis was very nervous when he competed in his first dressage competition. This was the Leeton and District Dressage Clubs Christmas competition and also my first competition as a mum. The club members were amazing and very helpful. Travis felt safe in an environment that he knew, with people that he knew, helping him getting ready for his tests.

Travis is still too anxious to travel and compete in unfamiliar places, so having a local club where he can comfortably compete is vital for him at this stage. I am hoping he can build up his confidence competing locally to enable him to eventually compete in other places.

The members of the Leeton and District Dressage Club have been very supportive of Travis. They understand the difficulties that Travis faces and have been willing to work with us to be able to allow him to ride and compete safely.

Linda Newman”

The above is one example of many people who, once becoming involved with the club as a competitor or volunteer have benefited in a variety of ways, including helping give them improved physical, mental and social outcomes, helping to make lives better.

As the club and use of the facilities grow so do the costs and need for volunteers. If you are interested in helping out please consider:

* Contacting the Club President Sarah Venamore Ph: 0417419229 to volunteer your time

* Provide financial support by

Making a Tax Deductible donation by clicking the button below.

If you shop online download the free ISponsor App, sign up, select LDDC as the club you wish to support and start shopping inside the app. There are up to 433 stores who have joined and will donate a % of the sale to the club, so it costs you nothing. If you can’t find the store, search for ebay and go shopping inside the ISponsor app on ebay. Worried about security? ISponsor uses the security of Paypal when you use your Mastercard.

Leeton District Dressage Club wishes to thank to all past, current and future supporters of the Club.

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